Dreamtime Clothing; Primal earth-tone fashion magic and visionary tapestries
Designed in California

2013 is here !

new designs on the way... we'll be on winter break and doing production, so email replies may be slow. but we still love ya!

on the radar for 2014 ! : April; in santa barbara, Lucidity festival

April /may; The HOw WeiRd streetfaire, howard and 2nd streets, San Francisco

May ; Rejuvenation festival, Santa Cruz

June; The Sonic Bloom, festival, Georgetown, Colorado!

July ; LIB! Lightning in a Bottle Festival, Southern California (Los Angeles/Orange county).

One sunday in July ; and one in August;  in San Francisco, California:  Prepare for the Playa    a Burning Man extravaganza! at Cafe Cocomo.

August; Burning man themed trunk shows in Nevada City (Burning Haven) and Mighty! SF (Beyond the Fence)

Ever-present at Symbiosis Gathering ...!


Ceiba 1364, (Upper) Haight st, san francisco.

Artillery A.G. 2751 Mission st, san Francisco.

Melting Pot, Reno, NV

Mazahar, Main street, Willits, CA

Funk & Flash, Sebastopol, ca

Etnix 2-87 Johnson st, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia